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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

weekend update

I have had quite an eventful Labor Day weekend. So very much has happened. On Saturday night (since last we spoke—yes, we’re speaking now) I had my post-relationship wrap-up with E where he said several ridiculous things that I will regale you with shortly. On Sunday, I went to CT to see my nephews and niece the trinity of terror. While buying vitamin water for myself I left their painted name signs at the little bodega store in Grand Central. I realized on the train and ran back to the JJ’s where I had bought a Danish and the ticket counter, but forgot about my vitamin water purchase and ran back to get on the train before it left.

After all the CT excitement, which included Chuck E. Cheese’s, Bionicles, and Shrek 2, I retrieved the painted names. I’m very happy with the place where I bought my over-priced vitamin water for holding on to them. I had a fantastic dinner with St. Matthew, my roomie, last night, which he cooked and cleaned up after, like the angel from heaven that he is.

Today, I’ve been searching the internet for voice over copy and not finding anything for my class tomorrow. So, I will find a way to get what I need in crisis mode tomorrow, or that’s the plan. Tonight, after the gym (that I desperately need to get to) I have a chess date with the enigma who wrote me a funny text while I was in CT and called to invite me to Central Park yesterday.

Well, it’s a short summery of all sorts of funny things, and blog worthy events. I’ll give you a few of E’s lame ass excuses as he tried to keep a friendship alive after so successfully hacking a relationship to death with his ineptitude. So the top dumb-ass quotes with commentary are:

“I went out of town and you were so needy that it pushed me away”
Right, E, expecting you to call me every so often is needy, I bet that writing you an emails made you feel trapped too. You are just a fox on the run, aren’t you pretty boy? It was your gd idea to stay together over the 2 month separation anyway!
“There’s part of me that wants to be with you right now. I’m not allowed to feel conflicted?”
Oh sure, E, you just feel as conflicted as you want. Why don’t you stand around deciding to go left or right and the rest of the world will stand still till you have had enough time. Need more time? That’s okay; we’re enjoying the break!
“Your letter made me really sad. I was like sad for a week”
Oh, E, did you not like it when I broke up with you? Even though every fucking thing you did was begging me to do it? After 9 months of a roller coaster ride you were sad for a week, oh man, sorry E. I’m so sorry I made you sad for, like, a week.

And that’s that… except for the political volunteer day I agreed to spend with him. We have 18 hours of handing out pamphlets and hating each other to engage in on primary day! Did I mention that after a meal full of this humiliation he said, “I’m having fun I don’t want to go home yet, you wanna see a movie?” He did. On the bright side The Constant Gardener is very good. The other bright side, I really don’t want to date him. On the dark side, I very much want him to beg for me back and go through the biting torment of unrequited love. On Primary Day, Welcome to the Dark Side.


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