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Saturday, September 03, 2005


Well, quite a bit has happened though my ex-boyfriend's email remains lame. Lame to the point of maybe I will soon get over the bad habit of absolutely invading his privacy.

My first event is that I have received a comment! Yes, indeed, it was from someone anonymous who, while praising my fabulous life and times, has offered me a place to turn when I am in need of advice on acne. I feel very lucky, and have renewed faith in the blog as my key to new friendships.

My second event is about 24 hours long, and is all about CC, the enigma. I went to the karaoke bar alone and arrived at 10:40. 40 minutes fashionably late, and didn't see a soul. I frantically texted TV, and while going in for a drink ran right into Enigma, himself! 'CC, hi!' and thus it begins. I meet some of his various other friends. Many from Tennessee so they were easy to chit-chat with. I determined myself to be the best looking possibility for birthday boy, and the great thing about karaoke is when at a loss for conversation, you can always just sing along. The second great thing about karaoke is that people tend to get pretty lubed up to handle the whole experience, so that's another great way meet people.

TV showed up and we had a fabulous time. I sang my karaoke party song and was a pretty big hit. There was dancing, heckling, flirting and drinking, pretty soon, CC and I were the only revelers of his posse remaining. By this time, I had asked TV as he left if he was trying to set me up, I had also righty and lefty arm-wrestled CC, and broken the heart of one of my random dancing partners.

CC and I headed for the subway and stopped for pizza. At 3 in the drunken morning I decided that spinach and mushroom was the only pizza worth having. So I ate half of it as the spinach flew from the pizza from my mouth and possibly from the ceiling. Irresistible. As we waited for the train we chatted about this and that and he said he would meet me for my lunch break tomorrow (Friday). When we got off at 42nd St. and he waited for his transfer I told him he didn't have to if he wasn't feeling up for it, since by then it was about 4:25 am.

Friday moring I arrive at work. I have not received any response to my heart rendering soul searching email to KC. I have not received any other exciting emails either. I chat on MSN, I skim, I read strangers accounts of their lives. And then it is 12:30: the time CC (who's party flirting lead me to think of him as a little less than an enigma) was supposed to arrive. 12:40 he doesn't show, my chat buddy CB says to consider it a compliment of the moment and let it go. The trouble is: CC still doesn't have my number, nor do I have his. 12:50 arrives and I head out the front door right into CC.

'Oh, I didn't think you were coming'
'Didn't I say I would meet you for lunch?'

Good answer CC, good answer.

We head down to Madison Square Park to eat our deli sandwiches and talk. The talk is easy though not really thrilling. He spys a copy of my headshot in my bag when I pull out a bottled water, and peruses the resume. Resume reading is not really my favorite part of dating, but I don't have anything to be ashamed of, on the resume anyway.

He walks me back to the building and suggests a movie later. I go back to my desk and text CB immediately, he calls my life 'charmed.' But that might be because CC is totally CB's type, the 'dorky-cute' type. On my walk back from work I get a call from KC and we plan an Oct. 15th start date. That means I can use my paid vacation before turning in my notice. Muh-wah-ah-ah. I feel like I rule the world, or did til I checked how expensive flights to Germany are. Yes, I was considering a flight to Germany...

I get back to my apartment, spend some QT with AC and my roomie then it's laundry, the gym, and somewhere in between there a call to CC to suggest the 11:00 'Mad, Hot Ballroom.' I met him for the movie and it's not great, but fine and we have a good time. We then stand outside the movie theater for what feels like effing ages before he finally leaves. There is a hug goodbye and suddenly CC is the Enigma again.

Now, for today I have bought my nephews and niece their names painted in butterfly letters from two Chinese ladies on the sidewalk of Rockerfeller center. I also bought LW 'the Mouse and the Motorcycle' since he is actually turning 8 and needs a birthday present on top of the 'Aunt YB's buying your love' present for all of them. I will be taking the train to New Haven to visit them tomorrow. For tonight, I have a date planned with E as you might recall. I wish my CC date had been fantastic enough to keep me from even wondering what E might say. Unfortunately, it was too enigmatic. Stupid, stupid handsome E. Well, we shall see.


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