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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Personal Day

I took yesterday off of work as a personal day. I was sick. Sick as in I sound like Carol Channing after 2 cartons of Parliament Lights. That's how I sound today. Yesterday I hardly sounded at all. I have had a little cough for about a week, which I believe began after my karaoke night with the Enigma. Yesterday it became full-blown vocal rest, after another night at this Karaoke bar. So stupid. This has been the year of 'stupidly trying to impress boys' and it must end.

Thursday night I went out to see a fabulously hilarious play with TV. Everyone who has ever aspired to be an actor should see it immediately; it's called Sides: the Fear is Real. So TV and I got dinner and drinks, laughed our asses off and were both peer pressured into meeting the Enigma at karaoke. I should have left when TV did, I should not have sung a Madonna classic, but alas, my blood was racing and there was no way to deter me from attempting to impress a boy who has unclear feelings for me.

On a side note, it is almost a year ago that I smoked pot after a play reading session to impress a boy who had a girlfriend. In a month and a half it will be the one year anniversary of me beginning dating a boy who was never going to be the one. So, I'm hoping that the year of acting like a 7th grader when it comes to guys will come to a close when my birthday rolls around and I don't have to wait for New Years, which will be the one year anniversary of that guy calling me at 10 minutes til midnight to ditch me to see the ball drop with his boss after he said he could get me in.

Friday morning I woke up and realized I couldn't speak. I made it one-half of an avenue before realizing that my entire current job relies on my ability to speak. I called in to take a personal day. I should have taken a sick day, but my co. has a horrendous though not illegal (yes I checked) policy of not allowing sick days on Mondays, Fridays or any day proceeding or following a holiday with out a doctor's note. Since this burned me once before, I decided to take a personal day. If this makes you livid (as it does me) don't worry, on Wednesday papers should be signed for me to finally leave said-co. hell-hole.

The growing-up papers are still out. I think they want to schedule another interview.


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