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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oh, Woody

I saw Match Point last night, and I loved it. Yep, really loved it. I thought it was suspensful, exciting, and full of believable characters (though Scarlet was clearly the weakest.) She was very beautiful and sexy and was good at delivering that-kind-of-woman feel, but her disappointed actress moments were disappointing. The character was written to be more neurotic, typical-Woody, Dianne Wiest delicate self-esteem type and it made me want to see Dianne in Hannah and her Sisters. At any rate, I absolutely recommend it.

An article on MSN today said that workers lose about 40 minutes of work productivity to reading blogs. I think that may be because working without breaks isn't favorable. If I had to estimate the time I actually work out of an 8 hour day, I think I would say 4.5 hours.


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