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Friday, December 16, 2005


I fly to TN tomorrow, I'm still at work right now. Work is great, but busy.

E left me a confrontational voice mail about me yelling at him drunkely; I sent him one back saying, "I'm sorry you feel victimized" with an understood "you sorry Pussy." I can't believe he would call me to guilt me into an apology! If I felt bad about it, I would have apologized.

So, you should hear less about E as it appears we are not speaking. That is fine.

What I am not fine with is my fever blister. I never get these, and I have one now, and it looks gross and I am medicating it all to hell, but still it remains.

Happy fever-blister-free Holidays, blog-world!

I'll be blogging from the south in no time.


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