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Sunday, February 26, 2006


I'm not going to the gym today either. I'm not going because I am hung-over. I'm hung-over because I went to an 'underwear' party and needed to build up some courage for my non-bathing suit ready self. It was fine, but I wish I hadn't been so drunk.

After taking several shots in my apartment and before leaving to hang out with all my underwear friends (none of whom had any interest in seeing me or any woman in underwear), I called E. I was drunk, concerned about feeling attractive, and no one was here to stop me. I got his voicemail, thank God, and left a message mentioning the play Defiance, since I hadn't been to that theater since he and I saw Doubt probably about a year ago. So I told him I was thinking of him and if he should try to see the play because I would like to know what he thinks of it, in the spirit of being friendly.

I wish I hadn't cause I was feeling so cool until then, and it's not like I think E's brilliant mind could illuminate the play for me. But we had some good times seeing plays and talking about them which is pretty much my favorite thing to do. Today he sent me a text saying. "Hey your message was nice last night. Hopefully I will get to see it."


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