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Thursday, March 02, 2006


Today as I walked home from work I found myself behind a guy who had extreme potential to be attractive, but it was rainy, and walking-rush-hour and I didn't try hard enough to see more than a partial profile including a strong jaw and attractive stubble. I lost him on 35th and Seventh when I started heading East. After going half way down that block and passing a golf store I remembered the Deli I was heading to was on 7th, not 6th and turned back.

Guess who was in the Deli? And he was cute.

The guys behind the separate sandwich and salad areas seemed dazed and the relatively short lines were compliant. I waited for salad while the boy waited by sandwiches where there was another guy. After waiting beyond what was polite, cute boy wandered back to the restrooms and the woman in front of me finally got her salad. Then the befuddled sandwich maker began to think he had just finished a sandwich for a ghost. I was in a less than hateful mood and took it upon myself to say, "There's another guy, I think he went to the restroom" the sandwich guy repeated that back to me, then discussed it with the salad guy then set the sandwich aside to worry about later. While I was still waiting for the salad guy to help me, cute boy came back. "Did you order already?" I asked and he looked at me and his eyes almost lit up, but he stifled that and said "yeah." "They almost got rid of your sandwich" I said nonchalantly as the sandwich guy handed over the food. Cute guy smiled then said, "excuse me" to get to the register.

When I was finally leaving with my salad, I stopped by cute guy who was by the door. "I'm sorry, do I know you, you looked familiar and then when we made eye-contact... Did you go to school in North Carolina?" He said "Yes," named our mutual friend and a student film we both worked on in the city. He didn't recognize me concretely since I didn't have on the glasses I wore in the film. He was doing cinematography and was on his way to a night shift editing for some TV show. We chatted a bit, he was having a bad day and vented to me a bit, then I told him it was nice to see him and headed home with my salad.

Nothing happened, except I got to chat with a cute boy who thinks of me as an actress and not a regular old normal person. It brightened my day.


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